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RRB released the notification for the Recruitment of Assistant Loco Pilots. In this article, candidates can get the information about RRB ALP Question papers 2018. Students can also get the information about the last year question papers of RRB ALP exam. Based on the questions given in the previous year, the candidate can expect the level of hardness in the present year Questions. Aspirants can make a note of these question to crack the Railway Recruitment Board Exams . Candidates can visit the official website of RRB/RRC

Candidates are advised to keep visiting the our website to know about the  RRC Assistant Loco Pilot Previous Papers. In this article, we are going to provide you the information about of RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Question Papers 2018. Candidates can know about other railway jobs through our website

RRB ALP Question papers 2018

Recruitment boardRailway Recruitment Board( RRB )
Post NameAssistant Loco Pilot
Number of vacancies60,000
Apply ModeOnline
RRB ALP Question papersAvailable Now
Official Websitewww.indianrailways.gov.in

RRC Assistant Local Pilot Exam Pattern

PostExamTime allottedNo.of.Questions
Assistant Loco PilotFirst stage CBT(Computer based test)6075
Second stage CBT- Part-A90100
Second stage CBT- Part-B6075
Computer Based Aptitude Test

RRC Assistant Loco Pilot Exam Question Papers Pdf

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  • Download RRB ALP  Exam Question paper 2018

Memory-based questions – RRB Assistant Loco Pilot  Previous Paper

1. The resistance of an electric circuit/ implement is measured by-

1) Meggar             2) Ammeter          3) Ohm-meter       4) None of these

2. At constant temperature, the volume of a given mass of a gas is inversely proportional to the pressure. It is known as-

1) Charles’ Law                                 2) Boyle’s Law

3) Avogadro’s Law                            4) Dalton’s Law

3. An element which changes the rate of a chemical reaction but does not undergo any change in itself is called-

1) Electrolyte        2) Catalyst           3) Lubricant         4) Litmus

4. The length of the pendulum is reduced to one fourth. Its time period will be-

1) Twice                2) Eight times       3) Half                  4) None of these

5. A force of 50N acts on a body and moves the body on a straight path to a distance of 4 meters. Find the work done if the force acts at an angle of 60 with horizontal.

1) 100J                 2) 300J                 3) 10J                   4) 200J

6. Rh factor is related to-

1) Blood Transfusion                        2) Atmospheric Pressure

3) Blood Pressure                              4) Space

7. The most electronegative element in the following is-

1) F                       2) Cl                     3) Br                     4) I

8. The number of electrons in Na+ is-

1) 11                     2) 10                     3) 12                     4) 13

9. A certain distance was covered at a certain speed. If half of the distance is covered in twice time, the ratio between new speed and original speed is-

1) 1 : 2                  2) 1 : 4                  3) 2 : 1                  4) 4 : 1

10. The air cooler will be most effective in- Bottom of Form

1) Kolkata            2) Guwahati         3) Puri                  4) New Delhi

RRB ALP Questions Asked on 14th Aug 2018 All Shifts

Some of the questions asked in RRB ALP examination are given below

  • Players who made 100 in the first ODI in 2016
  • Dry cuso4 acid or base
  • Which actor and politician get lifetime achievement award
  • Law of snail
  • Monkey: banana = rat:?
  • 18volts=___ × 3ohms
  • How much is the GDP in the private sector
  • Number series 12, 12 ,18, 45, 180

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Candidates who want to refer the previous papers through books, we have given links to buy the books. Candidates can practice the questions from these books and achieve a good score in the Assistant Loco Pilot Exam.

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In this article, we have given the information about RRB ALP Question Papers 2018. If you have any queries about this article, leave a comment below in the comments section.

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