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GPSC Exam Dates 2018 (Time Table): Check out the GPSC Exam Dates/Time Table 2018GPSC Exam Calendar: Gujarat Public Service Commission has recently પ્રકાશિત GPSC Exam Calendar. Those preparing for GPSC Examination may check Upcoming Gujarat PSC Exam Dates (જીપીએસસી પરીક્ષા શસ્ત્રો) from calendar available in PDF Form. GPSC Exam Calendar 2018-19 is having dates for all competitive exams including Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Refer date of notification, exam date and interview date from Gujarat Public Service Commission Exam Calendar. In this all the details are completely related to the Gujarat Public Service Commission.

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GPSC Exam Dates 2018 (Time Table)

Organization NameGujarat Public Service Commission
Exam NameGPSC Upcoming Exam
CategoryExam Schedule
StatusAvailable now

Applicants are now concerned that they can check Gujarat Public Service Commission’s Recruitment notification time, dates, critical exams to be conduct in the up coming days.Gujarat GPSC ready to upload many govt Recruitment this year 2019-20 and charges various exams like as Officers (Non-teaching), Professors, Associate Professor, Dentist, Assistant Director, Assistant Engineer, University Principal, Lecturer, Food Safety Officer, Combined Civil Services Examination, Dy. Collector etc. The candidates who are satisfying the eligibility as provided in the Gujarat GPSC Exam Calendar 2019/ Notifications can apply for their Desired Job.

GPSC Exam Calendar 2018 – Subject wise Dates

Name Post and ClassDate of AdvertisementPrimary / Mains ExamMonth of Interview
GPSC Exam Calendar April 2018
Clinical Psychologist, Class-II15-04-1801-07-18Nov.-18
Professor, Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Class-1 (Dental)- 0224-06-18Oct.-18
Professor, Prosthodontics and Crown and
Bridges, Class-1 (Dental)- 02
Professor, Orthodontics and Danto facial
Orthopaedics, Class-1 (Dental)- 03
Professor, Paedodontics (Paediatric) and
preventive dentistry, Class-1 (Dental)- 01
Professor, Public Health Dentistry, Class-1 (Dental Cadre)- 0124-06-18Oct.-18
Professor, Periodontology, Class-1 (Dental)- 0101-07-18Nov.-18
Professor, Conservative Dentistry and
Endodontics, Class-1 (Dental)- 01
Assistant Professor, Oral Medicine and
Radiology, Class-1 (Dental )- 02
Assistant Professor, Orthodontics and Dental Orthopaedic, Class-1 (Dental)- 0501-07-18Nov.-18
Assistant Professor Public Health Dentistry, Class-1 (Dental)- 0301-07-18Nov.-18
Lecturer, Prosthetic and Orthotics Class-1 (Dental ) – 0208-07-18Nov.-18
Tutor, Pathology Class-2 (Medical Cadre)- 0722-07-18Nov.-18
Tutor, Pathology Class-2 (Special Drive)
(Medical Cadre) – 15
Industrial Officer (Technical), Class-2-0119-08-18Dec.-18
Deputy Director (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-1-0105-08-18Dec.-18
Assistant Geologist (Commissioner of
Geological Science and Minerals), Class 2-03
Assistant Commissioner of Industries, Class-1-0622-07-18Nov.-18
Inspecting Officer, (Court Fees) Class-1-0722-07-18Nov.-18
Assistant Charity Commissioner, Class-1-1108-07-18Nov.-18
Administrative Officer, Class-2 (E.S.I.S.) -0808-07-18Nov.-18
GPSC Exam Calendar May 2018
Deputy Director Prohibition and Excise, Class-1 – 0115-05-1809-09-18Jan.-19
Deputy Director, Class-1 (Women and Child Development)23-09-18
Surgeon, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)-19-08-18Dec.-18
Anaesthetist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0119-08-18Dec.-18
Gynaecologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0309-09-18Jan.-19
Paediatrician, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0209-09-18Jan.-19
Pathologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0109-09-18Jan.-19
Radiologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0309-09-18Jan.-19
Ophthalmologist, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0116-09-18Jan.-19
ENT Surgeon, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.) -0116-09-18Jan.-19
Director, Library, Class-116-09-18Jan- 19
Principal, Gujarat Ayurveda Service, Class-116-09-18Mar.-19
Administrative Officer, Directorate of Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy, Class-116-09-18Jan- 19
Principal/Superintendent, Government
Homeopathy College, Class-1-01
GPSC Exam Calendar June 2018
Child Marriage Prevention Officer-cumDistrict Social Welfare Officer, Class-215-05-1823-09-18Jan-19
Principal, Ideal Residential School, Developing Caste (Special Drive), Class-2
Physician, Class-1 (E.S.I.S.)16-09-18
Orthopedic Surgeon, Class-I (E.S.I.S.)
Assistant Director (E.S.I.S.) Class-104-11-18Feb.-19
Chief Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-123-09-18Jan-19
GPSC Exam Calendar July 2018
Gujarat Administrative Services Class-1 and Gujarat Civil Services Class-1 & 215-07-1821-10-18 Mains Exam 17,23,24 Feb-19Jul-19
Industrial Promotion Officer (Commissioner of Cottage ), Class-204-11-18April-19
Analytical Chemist (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-2Mar.-19
Programme Officer (Woman and Child Development) , Class-128-10-18
Executive Engineer (Mechanical), Class-123-12-18April-19
Inspecting Officer, (Court Fees) Class-114-10-18Feb.19
Assistant Engineer (Civil), Class-II (Narmada)30-12-18April-19
GPSC Exam Calendar August 2018
Translator, Class-315-08-1804-11-18
Principal, Gujarat Skill Training Service,Class-225-11-18Feb 19
Dowry Prohibition Officer, Class-225-11-18
District Social Welfare Officer, Class-223-12-18April-19
T. B. Officer, Class-104-11-18Mar.-19
Medical Insurance Officer (Allopathic), Class-2, (E.S.I.S.)25-11-18Aug.-19
Agriculture Officer, Class-204-11-18Jun-19
Child Development Scheme Officer, Class-204-11-18Mar.-19
Horticulture Officer, Class-223-12-18Jul.-19
Paediatrician, Class-104-11-18Mar.-19
Assistant Engineer (Mechanical), Class-220-01-19May-19
Deputy Director, Gujarat Statistical Service, Class-123-12-18April-19
State Tax Inspector, Class-325-11-18 Mains Exam 6,7 April-19
Research Officer, Gujarat Statistical Service, Class-206-01-19May-19
GPSC Exam Calendar September 2018
District Leprosy Officer, Class-115-09-1804-11-18Mar.-19
Superintendent, Central Prison
Dy. Section officer / Dy. Mamlatdar Class-3 Dy. SO. 187 Dy. Mamlatdar 10016-12-18 Mains Exam 27,28 April-19
Deputy Director, Class-I (E.S.I.S.)23-12-18April-19
Deputy Director, Archaeology and Museum Class-123-12-18
Superintendent Archaeologist, Class-230-12-18
Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Class-2
Geologist, Class-1 (Narmada)
Research Officer, Class-1 (Narmada)23-12-18
Assistant Director, (Commissioner of Geological Science and Minerals), Class-130-12-18
Archaeologist Engineer, Class-203-02-19Jun.-19
Curator, Class-206-01-19May 2019
GPSC Exam Calendar October 2018
Principal (Commissioner of Youth Services), Class-115-10-1806-01-19May-19
Assistant Research Officer, Class-2 (Narmada)20-01-19
Scientific Officer (Biology), Class-2
Scientific Officer (Physics), Class-227-01-19
Scientific Officer (Chemistry), Class-203-02-19
Private Secretary (Gujarati Stenographer Grade-1), Class-220-01-19Aug.-19 Shorthand Test Result Jul.-19
Assistant Director (Commissioner of Youth Services), Class-1May-19
Gujarat Engineering Services (Civil) Class- 1 and 2/ Executive Engineer Class-1 (R&B)/Deputy Executive Engineer, Class-2 (R&B)27-01-19 Main Exam 23, 24 June-19Oct.-19
GPSC Exam Calendar November 2018
Assistant Engineer (Civil), Class-2 (R&B)15-11-1803-03-19Sept.-19
Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector, Class-3
Gujarati Reporter, Class-203-02-19Sept.-19 Shorthand Test Result Aug.-19
English Reporter, Class-227-01-19Oct.-19 Shorthand Test Result Aug.-19
Hindi Reporter, Class-203-03-19Oct.-19 Shorthand Test Result Aug.-19
Assistant Director (Biology), Class-203-02-19June-19
Microbiologist, Class-1 (Specialist Services)27-01-19May-19
Pathologist , Class-1 (Specialist Services)
ENT Surgeon, Class-1 (Specialist Services)June-19
Radiologist, Class-1 (Specialist Services)
GPSC Exam Calendar December -2018
Joint Director (IT), Class-115-12-1803-03-19Sept.-19
ICT Officer, Class-217-03-19

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